1000+ pre-schools
across India

Curious Kids plans to expand its unique and renowned International chain across different locations in India. Now, fun learning is not too far away from you!

Delivering Brand

Curious Kids delivers brand differentiation with Hygiene, Cleanliness, enhanced child security and is preferred over ‘local brands.’

Competitive fees +
world-class education

When kids play, perform fun-based activities and theme-based roles they enjoy MORE. Curious Kids helps the child in the early education stage so they can thrive in this modern economy.

Extensive teachers

Our trained teachers have a caring & empathetic demeanor. They focus on stimulating children’s curiosity and prioritize play.

Finland is

Curious Kids makes learning fun. With us puzzles become creative thinking, obstacles turn into evaluation and problems turn into deriving solutions.

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Children thrive in play-based education

When kids perform fun & theme based roles they enjoy MORE. Curious Kids helps them in early education stage to thrive in this modern economy.

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Become an Area franchisee

Earning in a preschool business is fun indeed. With Curious Kids, you will get plenty of opportunities and a chance to balance work and lifestyle too.

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CK Finland:
Where learning is fun

CK Finland brings the Play Education Philosophy to preschool Learning. Finland uses Joy, Happiness, Games and Thorough Experimentation to deliver amazing learning for kids.

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Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum blended beautifully with Montessori along with a host of other systems. We pick the best and blending into a fine structure.

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Our brand

Meet our animal teachers/mascots. RamRo: The Elephant with amazing memory, AdRo: The Friendly Bear, ApRo: The Intelligent Dolphin & SanRo: The Lion leader.

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Finland is best known for delivering happiness and achievements in education. We create a zero-stress, no homework methodologies for a high success rate.

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Our first school:
The Selu experiment

Renowned gynaecologist and entrepreneur Dr. Sanjay Rodge took up the challenge to build a 5000 square feet preschool in Selu. See how this remote Maharashtra town turned into success with this video.

trained 4000+

Lakshmi Annapurna Chintaluri has trained more than 4000 teachers across the globe. She now blends the finest of Finland and Indianizes the syllabus — adding immense value to the curriculum.

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Students assessed on 200 point learning parameters

Curious Kids Pre-School assesses students on 200 point learning parameters based on their developmental milestones. Each child grows in a unique way and our system helps in nurturing them.

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VUCA stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity & Ambiguity. We-shape the future of children and prepare them for future. Not just academics, but beyond too!

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We offer state-of-the-art curriculum to the child in a safe and hygienic environment. Our curriculum combines technology with different teaching techniques.

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Your child will learn and evolve in an interactive environment. There is no dearth of opportunities and we will help identify their unique traits and help them grow.

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We like to blend a classic Montessori system with the Finland-Funland academic structure. That’s what gives your child the right environment to thrive.

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