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10 Amazing Things Artificial Intelligence Can Do For
Your Pre-school


A critical aspect of owning a pre-school in this digitally advanced era is integrating Artificial Intelligence or AI into the system.

Artificial intelligence in its simplest forms is all about building smart machines.

AI is a branch of computer science that aims to replicate or simulate human intelligence in machines.

And so you can imagine that a technology like this can simplify working. It is a boon for a pre-school platform and makes everything from operations to management simpler.

Though it AI was discovered around 1943, it’s only by 2000 that major breakthroughs were made. Think smart assistants like Alexa.

Why pre-schools?

According to Forbes , AI has multiple benefits in the classroom. Here are the top ways in which you can use AI for your pre-school franchise:

1. Drive efficiency

Artificial intelligence helps drive efficiency at so many different levels. You can use it in operation management software, dashboard and a variety of other processes to streamline tasks.

2. Personalization

Kids today are smart and tech-savvy. They enjoy an interactive classroom ambience.

Alongside, AI also helps personalizing your pre-school needs — per se your environment and requirements.

3. Educating children

In 2017, Scientific American explained how researchers were using AI to discover the mechanisms of childhood learning. It helped keeping children engaged children via embedded social interactions.

Parents today seek eduction beyond conventional norms. And AI helps provide just that.

4. Streamlining procedures

Files everywhere and the struggle of finding the right folders. AI simplifies and streamlines this entire process. It gives one the adaptability to integrate different software into a uniform structure.

Easy to use — less of hassles and errors.

5. Supervising performance

Each child’s performance can be monitored and stored via to create specific reports.

This helps un-complicate the process of evaluating performance as per the child’s individual learning capacity.

Teachers can customize the training materials for each student based on their ability.

6. Better management

According to Forbes 2024 upwards of 47% of learning management tools will be enabled by AI capabilities. Augmented intelligence assistance helps get a wide range of materials leveraging the same core curriculum.

7. Understand and adapt machine capabilities

For the teachers, it also implies the benefit of adapting and understanding AI procedures. This helps to leverage the benefits of both human intelligence combined with machine expertise.

For your franchisee it means maximizing the benefits of both.

8. Fun+education

Engaging children in fun activities that enhance learning makes education more perceptive and flexible.

Attention span of younger children is very limited. AI gives the opportunity to maximize on this limited time.

As a result, they absorb and learn more.

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9. Planning the curriculum

With AI, curriculum planning is a breeze. Curriculum can be segregated as per your class requirements.

It also helps with non-teaching or non-curriculum responsibilities such as filing necessary paperwork, booking and managing field trips etc.

10. Advanced admissions management

Now, the last but definitely not the least important aspect is AAM or Advanced admissions management.

You will have software available easily for operations — so your daily tasks are sorted and well-managed.

It’s here that Curious Kids — an international pre-school gives you an upper edge. It has AI that looks beyond conventional norms

Our AI is built to handle sales, admissions management, project management, intuitive handshake with your accounting systems.

We know that new admissions management are important!

Curious Kids AI sources can be tracked. You will be alerted on Hot, Warm and Cold leads.

What this means for you — accurate, analytics-driven scientific marketing systems!

You benefit with a powerful email marketing, SMS and WhatsApp marketing suite.

  • Alerts or fee reminders!
  • Teachers note management
  • Student Enquiry CRM
  • Student Admission Management
  • Inventor Management
  • Accounting Software
  • SMS Dashboards

With our AI, you can redefine education and business too. If you’d like to make your pre-school future-friendly, then connect with us at Curious Kids