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12 Easy Steps To Become A Mompreneur/ Edupreneur

Are you a mompreneur/ edupreneur with a passion for education and love for kids? Becoming a pre-school franchisee might just be what you need.

A Mompreneur, or momtrepreaneurs, is a slang term for women who run their own businesses. And these super women are also full time parents.

Mom+ entrepreneur = Mompreneur, or momtrepreneurs

Investopedia data shows that these women are likely to run a business out of the home than out of a commercial building. Balancing requirements of running a business while managing children is not easy.

Owning and running a pre-school helps them strike the right balance.

It would be great to work with kids and also do something that provides emotional satisfaction with profitable returns.

Pre-schools offer momprenuers with the perfect set-up to run either big or small scale operations in different spaces.

If you’ve been considering an entrepreneurial venture, then here’s who pre-schools could be just right you. It provides you with:

  • Freedom to choose your working hours
  • Your business grows as much as you like
  • You spend more time with your kids
  • Costs are manageable
  • A rewarding and empowering career

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Here are 12 easy steps to guide you through the process:

1. Make a decision to sign up the franchise

Do your research! Which franchise do you want to sign up for? Have you done your homework right and know everything — especially business model, fine print details, etc.

2. Get the location approved

Find and get the location approved. It’s imperative that you pick a location as per your convenience and also feasibility of a pre-school.

Is it close to home? Does it include long commute? Is it child-friendly neighbourhood?

3. Sign the agreement and become the Strategic Collaborator

The next step is signing the agreement. Before you sign it — double check facts, technical details, etc. — if required find a lawyer to explain the technical terms.

Post signing the agreement you become the strategic collaborator. You should compare and evaluate partners, vendors and customers to build synergy for helping your business grow.

4. Identify and visualise your dream location

Next comes the option of enhancing and optimising your preferred location. What are your dreams and aspirations from it?

Do you just see this as a pre-school or seek multiple revenue streams from it. For instance, does it double as a day-care/ activity center?

5. Construction and interior work gets started

Most pre-schools have basic guidelines for their interiors. However, it’s here that you use your creativity and imagination to get these interiors running.

Being a mom, you know what’s best for kids! Think from their perceptive — set up a funland where education is beyond conventional learning modes.

6. Set up technology

Technology gets wired. Wi-fi to projectors — too many things need to be listed. Modernise your educational system with AI, operational software etc.

7. Recruit your teachers and your team

Assistance for teacher and staff recruitment is provided by the franchisors. Use your intuition to make the final call. After all it’s your business dream.

8. Attend training programs

Stay at the forefront of what’s happening in the educational market. Be it software or skill training, you need to put your A-game in.

9. Start admissions

Your first admission — just a new beginning. Follow admission protocol and use software to ensure easier operations.

10. Start accessing multiple revenue streams

Why settle for less when you can earn more? Find out about what can work best in your locality — and as per your time convenience.

You can also think of something that your kids can be part of!

11. Follow the system

Confusions are likely — however try to stick to the system to maximise benefits. Adhering to norms also minimises risks in terms of breaking the contract.

12. You are an entrepreneur!

Enjoy the lifestyle of an entrepreneur and say hello to prosperity. Work on your cognitions and climb up the entrepreneurial ladder!

Curious Kids gives you the perfect roadmap to drive your business vision and become a mompreneur.

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