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12 Reasons Quit Your BPO/night Shift Job And Start Your Own Preschool

Working in a BPO or doing night shift? Your biological clock must be tormenting you! Not to mention you miss hanging out with your family/friends.

A night shift/BPO attracts many due to higher pay-scale. Yet, your body and mind are screaming a big NO!

As per WebMD , risks of night shift include:

  1. Risks of cardiovascular diseases
  2. Obesity
  3. Diabetes
  4. Stomach issues like ulcers
  5. Depression
  6. Disrupts circadian rhythm

Not being with your family does hit you hard. You miss family dinners, hanging out with friends — And the worst — if you are a mom, you miss your kids!

As a result of all this, you are now dreading work, but cannot quit due to financial obligations. What if there was a way you could be your own boss and work flexible hours?

According to The Statesman , women entrepreneurs are making successful inroads into early childcare learning business in India.

Statistics run by Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) in 2016 reveal that almost 126 million women are operating their own businesses.

98 million have been operating established businesses. A whopping 224 million women impacting the global economy — which you can be a part of.

Quitting your BPO/night shift job

Have you tried making a list of pros and cons for this? Let’s do this now:


  • Good pay-scale
  • Perks and benefits
  • And that’s where the list stops. Not much to add here.


  • Night shifts
  • Being away from family friends
  • Loss of sleep
  • Health risks
  • Safety risks (night commute)
  • And so much more

Now, before you put in your papers, here’s what you should ask yourself:

Are you ready to act?

You have done years of planning and thought about this a million of times. Now is the time to get started.

You can get another job

Not that you would need it! You have the talent and the skills. There will be plenty more on the plate for you.

You feel you are built for success

With the right pre-school franchise, you are all set to get success and respect

Be ready to be your own boss

You will report to yourself and be the decision-maker. The freedom to work your way!

What pre-school franchises offer?

Don’t get into a panic mode because a pre-school franchise is just right for you.

Whether you are a mom or about to get married or even looking for a career with some flexibility.
Pre-school franchises give you the best of both worlds.

Watch this video to know more.

And this is where Curious Kids comes in. They provide you with 12 reasons to quit your job with:

1. Easy set-up

They will provide required assistance during the set-up. So you are not alone. The franchisors will be with you through every step of the process.

2. Smooth operations

There is no compulsory or mandatory educational background required. A passion for kids and bent towards educational reform works.

3. Minimum Government Regulations

The process of getting a license from the government/municipality is relatively simple.

4. Work-life balance

Convenient work timings from 9 am to 2 pm/ 9 am to 5 pm give you the flexibility to be with your loved ones.

5. Choose your location

You can choose a location that’s near your home. So, no long distance commute or hassles of wasting time in the traffic snarl.

6. Holidays and vacations

All holidays and vacations are based on children’s’ school holidays. For once, your off days would be in sync with your child’s.

7. Positive work environment

Working with children helps create a positive environment which is definitely fun-filled.

8. Stress-free work

You get to chose your working hours and enjoy working a stress-free ambience with kids.

9. Respect from the community

Success is guaranteed. But being in the education market helps you get respect too.

10. Option to involve family members

With a pre-school business franchise like Curious Kids, you can also involve different family embers or friends.

11. High degree of satisfaction

You are providing a foundation to so many children’s lives. What’s better than imparting knowledge.

12. Happiness

Work satisfaction is fulfilling. It makes you happy that you are transforming lives of so many employees and kids.

Curious Kids gives flexibility with guaranteed returns on your investments. And if you haven’t its time to pick up that phone and call us or +91 63 66 44 8607 or email at franchise@ckfinland.com.