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5 Ways To Earn Profits And Success With Curious Kids

Any business model is judged by its success and profits. And that’s why at Curious Kids, we bring forth a pre-school franchising plan that’s like no other.

Curious Kids — a leading international pre-school chain is all set to take a leap in India. And you can become a franchisee in virtually any Indian State.

And we believe in facts and figures. We feel that starting a pre-school business franchise could be just right for you:

  • It is a truly satisfying business module. You give young kids a sense of direction and purpose
  • With our brand, your dreams of running a successful business will come true

We believe that success is best celebrated when shared. That’s why we like to hand-hold you through this entire process.

You will leverage on a system that has already been tried and tested.

See what parents have to say about our pre-school

Take a look at how we help you embrace success and profits:

1. Get ROI within the first year

We make returns on investment possible in the 1st year itself for area franchises. It is probably the only Indian pre-school that assures you of minimum guarantee on investments.

It doesn’t matter if you are from:

An Education Background

Have experience handling Preschools/ schools

Been involved in a successful education or education related business

Are a large business establishment

2. Focused business vision

Getting admissions in the first year is so important. And we are willing to enable you fully with this.

So you invest money and get desired admissions!

Success comes with popularity and our business vision is clear — 1000+ Curious Kids preschools in the next 5 years.

Imagine the scale of marketing you would get with the sheer number of schools popping up across the country.

You will have the early bird franchisee benefit and admissions would thrive.

3. Our massive advertising budgets

At CK Finland, we have a massive advertising and marketing budget.

95% pre-schools because of poor marketing

That’s why our business plan earmarks marketing budget allocation specifically for your preschool.

With us you will get:

  • Multi-crore advertising budgets to drive your admissions
  • Rs. 1 to 2 Lakhs for your tactical promotion
  • Aggressive sales strategy to give you increased admissions
  • Centralised call centre
  • Full-fledged local marketing support for you
  • Separate website for you – with free hosting for a year
  • Thousands of handbills
  • Hundreds of student brochures – big size
    • Banners
    • And much more

Here’s the full brochure to guide you further

Yes, we believe in success and profits — but beyond it we also believe in work satisfaction.

The very ease of this model makes it workable and achievable for almost anyone and everyone. You are able to

  • Work-life balance is easy with easy
  • work timings from 9 am to 2 pm / 9 am to 5 pm
  • Work near your home
  • No long distance commute
  • Holidays and vacations based on children’s’ school holidays

If you want to strive for more, become an area franchise with us. As the area franchisee you will:

  • Get ROI (return on investments) and 100%+ IRR (internal rate of return) within 1 Year
  • Priority for Curious Kids Plus preschool setting up
  • 360-degree support for super success

See why our pre-school checks all the right boxes for success and profits.

4. Get the location

Most older pre-school brands already have established setups in the major cities. So, it’s pretty tight up there.

Our preschools will be located in high-density areas in metro cities and tier 1 cities.
This gives you an accelerated way of earning super-profits

Multiple revenue streams

5. Multiple revenue streams

You can maximise profits by delivering a lot of activities.
Summer camps, winter camps, birthday celebrations, hobby center… The list sure goes on.

If you have an entrepreneurial mindset and want to earn success with a proven business model, Curious Kids is the one-stop-solution for you. You can connect with our CK Finland representative and visit us at www.curiouskidsonline.in to know more.