About us - curious kids

Today, if there is one thing that stands as
the core of our positively evolving society,
it is education.

From driverless cars to personalized satellites,
the world around is changing at the light’s speed.
And so, changing the way we impart education
has become an absolute necessity.

About our preschool

Curious Kids is the brainchild of the management of Sanro
Educare Pvt Ltd., who have undertaken to develop an integrated
curriculum to expose our preschoolers to international standards.

It is in this endeavor that the best of each of the early childhood
education approaches was extracted and a curriculum was
designed with care and purpose. We make sure that it fits the
needs of the individual child while supporting the learning goals of
the entire class.

The Power of
Play-based Education

Driven by this very thought along with a deep sense of passion for shaping the future generation, Curious Kids has set out on an incredible journey.

Early education in today’s world holds primary importance since it involves shaping the children in their most crucial years.
From cognitive skills to physical skills, the early education system should promote holistic development in children.
Curious Kids ensures this through play-based education.

Play-based education is based on the fact that every child has an innate ability to develop skills through play.

When play is imbibed with education, the things being taught are easy and fun to learn, understand, and remember. It encourages them to be spontaneous, explorative, and curious – traits necessary in today’s world.

The Future Ahead

Curious Kids India aims to set up 1000+ pre-schools across
different cities in India, so the play-based education helps
build brighter children with exceptional capabilities. These
capabilities, which would ultimately define the vivid future of
this country.