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The education industry has its share of glamour and success. No doubt people involved in this sector get so much respect. Of course, there’s the work satisfaction aspect too. After all, you are the pillars shaping the future of our country.

And it is for this reason that we hire only the best of educational experts. If you have a passion for education and love working with kids — and meet our, these are some of the available positions we have:


Curious Kids is looking for teachers who can help create a fun environment and incorporate educational programs as per our curriculum. The teacher will undergo training to get familiar with the Finland education system and assist in our children’s development.

As a teacher, you will be responsible for monitoring and teaching 2 years to 5-year-old kids who are enrolled in a variety of programs at our play school. You will help them respond to positively and inculcate healthy development habits the learning environment at our school. If you love spending time with kids, please apply today.


As a teacher, it is imperative that you are should be effective in communication, have the ability to instruct a group of students, have the passion and patience for teaching young children. You will be teaching shapes, colors, early reading skills, numbers, and counting.


Those with a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education, Montessori, Teacher’s Training course or similar courses would be preferred.


As a counselor, it will be your primary duty to entertain inquiries regarding the school & converting prospective inquiries into admissions. You also assist the Academic Director and other faculty members with day to day operations and reporting. You will meet parents and answer/ handle queries related to the center.

Other responsibilities are:

  • Liaison with external agencies/ vendors
  • Arranging activities in coordination with our Academic director
  • Strategizing activities that are in tune with our core guidelines
  • Handle grievances by the parents
  • Assist children/ teachers when required in handling difficult situations
  • Understand the industry verticals and suggest measures to help the school stay updated


  • You should have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Psychology, Education, etc.
  • Having previous work experience and computer literacy would be an added bonus.