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5 Ways To Earn Profits And Success With Curious Kids

Any business model is judged by its success and profits. And that’s why at Curious Kids, we bring forth a pre-school franchising plan that’s like no other.

Curious Kids — a leading international pre-school chain is all set to take a leap in India. And you can become a franchisee in virtually any Indian State.

And we believe in facts and figures. We feel that starting a pre-school business franchise could be just right for you:

  • It is a truly satisfying business module. You give young kids a sense of direction and purpose
  • With our brand, your dreams of running a successful business will come true

We believe that success is best celebrated when shared. That’s why we like to hand-hold you through this entire process.

You will leverage on a system that has already been tried and tested.

See what parents have to say about our pre-school

Take a look at how we help you embrace success and profits:

1. Get ROI within the first year

We make returns on investment possible in the 1st year itself for area franchises. It is probably the only Indian pre-school that assures you of minimum guarantee on investments.

It doesn’t matter if you are from:

An Education Background

Have experience handling Preschools/ schools

Been involved in a successful education or education related business

Are a large business establishment

2. Focused business vision

Getting admissions in the first year is so important. And we are willing to enable you fully with this.

So you invest money and get desired admissions!

Success comes with popularity and our business vision is clear — 1000+ Curious Kids preschools in the next 5 years.

Imagine the scale of marketing you would get with the sheer number of schools popping up across the country.

You will have the early bird franchisee benefit and admissions would thrive.

3. Our massive advertising budgets

At CK Finland, we have a massive advertising and marketing budget.

95% pre-schools because of poor marketing

That’s why our business plan earmarks marketing budget allocation specifically for your preschool.

With us you will get:

  • Multi-crore advertising budgets to drive your admissions
  • Rs. 1 to 2 Lakhs for your tactical promotion
  • Aggressive sales strategy to give you increased admissions
  • Centralised call centre
  • Full-fledged local marketing support for you
  • Separate website for you – with free hosting for a year
  • Thousands of handbills
  • Hundreds of student brochures – big size
    • Banners
    • And much more

Here’s the full brochure to guide you further

Yes, we believe in success and profits — but beyond it we also believe in work satisfaction.

The very ease of this model makes it workable and achievable for almost anyone and everyone. You are able to

  • Work-life balance is easy with easy
  • work timings from 9 am to 2 pm / 9 am to 5 pm
  • Work near your home
  • No long distance commute
  • Holidays and vacations based on children’s’ school holidays

If you want to strive for more, become an area franchise with us. As the area franchisee you will:

  • Get ROI (return on investments) and 100%+ IRR (internal rate of return) within 1 Year
  • Priority for Curious Kids Plus preschool setting up
  • 360-degree support for super success

See why our pre-school checks all the right boxes for success and profits.

4. Get the location

Most older pre-school brands already have established setups in the major cities. So, it’s pretty tight up there.

Our preschools will be located in high-density areas in metro cities and tier 1 cities.
This gives you an accelerated way of earning super-profits

Multiple revenue streams

5. Multiple revenue streams

You can maximise profits by delivering a lot of activities.
Summer camps, winter camps, birthday celebrations, hobby center… The list sure goes on.

If you have an entrepreneurial mindset and want to earn success with a proven business model, Curious Kids is the one-stop-solution for you. You can connect with our CK Finland representative and visit us at to know more.


10 Reasons Why Zero Royalty Models And Pre-schools Fail

There are many reasons a pre-school franchise might fail. And one of the primary reasons this happens is because of zero royalty models.

As per Investopedia, a royalty is a legally binding payment made to an individual, for the ongoing use of his or her originally created assets, including copyrighted works, franchises and natural resources.

  • Ideally they are formed in a way that benefits both the franchisor and franchisee. A percentage of sales or a payment per unit goes to the franchise.
  • Running a pre-school is not easy
  • Pre-schools involve a lot of hassle. It’s no piece of cake!
  • If you had previous expertise in the pre-school franchising sector, you may have known better.

Here are a few things that go wrong if you tie-up or take a franchise of a pre-school that’s royalty-free:

You need a brand

A brand gives you a lot of added amenities along with a core, dependable business model.

Brands have a reputation that is based on years of experience in the market. Benefits include:

  • Being a franchise of an already established business. Ideas, the brand, the operating techniques, etc. are all in place
  • Take advantage and thrive on the reputation of the previously established brand of the business.
  • Financing becomes simpler with a recognized brand
  • You can make the most of the numerous business relationships already established
  • You get established support and security system
  • Lower chances of failure as more franchises encourage new people into their network
  • Chance to make more money thanks to the backing of a big name and a big brand

And all of this comes with meagre price of paying a royalty!

Regular updates

If a pre-school franchise takes a cut of your business, you get amenities in exchange too.

And this is not just the initial curriculum or teachers recruitment — There are regular upgrades available on your school curriculum too.

You will be updated with the latest technology and advancements in the education sector.

Brands like Curious Kids also provide lot and lots of regular teacher training programs that need happen.

All of this helps reinforce the brand’s status — and in turn result in higher profits for your business.

Lots of advertising

Royalty sharing comes with a lot of pros. And with Curious Kids, you get amazing advertising, & marketing inputs.

See the full brochure!

So brands that give you 0% royalty will simply shy away from doing any of this.

Simply because they don’t have the bandwidth!

Can you imaging what a huge amount you have to spend on advertising and marketing. Even with a brand name, your pre-school will not thrive without the same.

In a similar way, don’t also fall for the gimmicks of franchises that charge less. Those who charge the lower royalty provide less support.

Especially, pre-schools or kindergartens that are new in the business tend to do badly since the level of support is lesser.

95% of businesses fail because they do not have aggressive marketing budgets.

Cash flows suffer and it takes longer to achieve breakeven.

With Curious Kids international pre-school, you get a massive marketing and advertising advantage.

We have earmarked a marketing budget allocation specifically for your preschool too.

Some of these include:

  • Multi-crore advertising budgets to drive your admissions
    • An allocation of Rs. 1 to 2 Lakhs for your tactical promotion
    • Aggressive sales strategy to give you increased admissions
    • Centralized call centre
  • Full-fledged local marketing support for you

Invest in a preschool that gives you guaranteed returns

If you are looking for maximizing your chance of earning profits and getting guaranteed returns on your investments, connect with us.

A Curious Kids representative will help you with all the information you need!


Top 10 Advantages Of Taking A Curious Kids Franchise

Are you an entrepreneur who’s looking for investing in a pre-school franchise that yields profitable results in the first year itself?

Curious Kids — An international pre-school chain based on the Finland education system provides you with this lucrative opportunity.

It gives you much more than your average pre-school including minimum return guarantee in the first year itself.

Perks include

  • Get ROI and 100%+ IRR within 1 Year
  • Limited offer to get an EMI on your Area Franchise Fee
  • Priority for Curious Kids Plus preschool setting up school for first few franchisers
  • 360-degree support for super success

Here are the top 10 reasons to become a CK Finland franchiser:

#1 You get to capitalize on a proven system

The CK Finland pre-school system is proven and tried and tested.

If it can work wonders in the remote village of Selu in Maharashtra — imagine what it can do for major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, etc.

Watch the Sailu remote pre-school experiment

#2 Lower purchase prices with one-stop solutions

You get to strike for a healthy work-life balance. Few other business models provide for the same.

You also benefit with easy operations. There is no educational background required

#3 Ease of Recruitment

Support for recruiting teachers, hiring staff, etc. would be provided.

You have to adhere to their guidelines and find the best teachers in the industry.

Considering the super-success of this model, you should have no trouble.

#4 Works for novices too

It does not matter if you have a background in this sector or experience required in the field.

You can be someone who’s already tried their luck with few pre-school franchises — and are not happy with them!

Or you can be someone who’s trying their entrepreneurial luck for the first time.

#5 Preferred by customers over “local brands”

Local brands promise more and deliver less.

On the contrary CK Finland only promises what it can deliver.

From technical support to giving you a higher degree of work satisfaction, we ensure you are happy in the business.

Of course, your financial statements would serve as the proof in the pudding!

Earn High Return on Investments Within A Year

#6 Be your own Boss

Climbing up the corporate ladder can take a toll on your emotional and physical health. Especially with the long working hours!

With us, you get to be your own boss! Pick flexible hours to suit your business vision.

You can increase or decrease them depending on your financial gains.

Once the system is set-up, it works on minimal supervision.

#7 Get fantastic Admissions

Getting good admissions in the first year is so important. Not only in terms of revenue but also as a morale boost.

At CK Finland, we provide complete assistance with:

  • Handling sales, admissions management, project management, etc.
  • You will be alerted on Hot, Warm and Cold leads.

#8 Get Multiple Revenue Streams

Why just pre-school your CK franchisee can generate revenues from multiple streams.

You will have different age groups like toddlers, playgroup, Kindergarten, etc.

Alongside you can also operate a day care & activity centre to maximise your profits.

Then there are special events like Summer/ Winter camps, birthdays, fun fiestas, etc.

Whoa! Now that get’s the money rolling!

#9 Bulk purchasing

The entire bulk purchasing process helps you save on costs. We also provide a healthy royalty share and deliver more business to you.

Advertising spends will be from our marketing budgets. You need not spend a rupee.

#10 Handholding through the process

We believe in sticking together. You will get handholding right from the start to forever, including handling ups and downs.

Be it assistance with interiors or getting advertisements on national television. We are there to guide you and provide assistance.

Now where else can you find such a lucrative business deal?

View our Comparative Chart between Local, National and International PreSchools to see why we should top your list.

Feel free to connect with us at to know more and our CK Finland representative will guide you on the same.


Finland Preschool Brand That Spells Success

With the budding pre-school sector in India, franchising is a great opportunity.

However, be wary when picking the right one.

Many of these pre-schools FAIL!

Research shows that 95% of businesses fail because they do not have aggressive marketing budgets. Their cash flows suffer.

And they take longer to achieve breakeven.

Poor management, lack of research, etc are other reasons for the same.

Curious Kids is an international pre-school based on Finland’s education system is different!

What makes Curious Kids stand out?

For starters, we follow the education system in Finland. It is regarded as the best globally.

According to NCEE, Finland has very high standards in early education. We follow a stress-free pre-school structure.

We also lay emphasis on Early childhood education and care (ECEC). We feel the “educare” model, which contributes to the child’s holistic growth as per the Finnish National Agency for Education,

Read more: Is it a good time to invest in a pre-school?

Some of the key metrics that drive our success are:

Business Strategy Enablement

We will do a complete mapping of your markets, create feasibility and demand study!

We also ensure that you get regular updates. This includes strategic and tactical interventions to help your in running the preschools smoothly.

However, most other pre-schools don’t provide 360 degree support!

They just want to take the easy way out!

Marketing and sales enablement

With us, all marketing and promotional material would be provided by the company.

We will manage the pre-launch strategy for the successful launch of the brand.

We also provide you with corporate tie-ups and ground-level brand activation tie-ups for the sales teams.

95% of businesses fail because they do not have aggressive marketing budgets. Their cash flows suffer

And they take longer to achieve breakeven.

Academic training and enablement

Curious Kids provides international standard curriculum and training manuals. With us you will also get

  • Regular training programs on subjects
  • Special training to counselors

See what parents are telling about us.

Interior and structural enablement

Our growing panel of interior designers and turnkey contractors to help you set up the preschools.

You will also benefit with:

  • Site visit and layout plan
  • Interiors and architectural support will be provided
  • Manuals to ensure standardization of walls, ceiling, furniture, floor, washrooms
  • Elevation and theme selection

Academics and recruitment enablement

With us you also benefit with:

  • Academic mentoring
  • Monthly syllabus
  • Daily lesson plan
  • Newsletters and portfolio with learning outcome
  • Assistance in recruitment’s

So you can be assured of getting only the best.

Technology enablement

IT support mobile applications support are easily available with us.

You will also get regular online technology training for your teams!

If you are looking for a pre-school franchise that’s proven for success, visit


12 Easy Steps To Become A Mompreneur/ Edupreneur

Are you a mompreneur/ edupreneur with a passion for education and love for kids? Becoming a pre-school franchisee might just be what you need.

A Mompreneur, or momtrepreaneurs, is a slang term for women who run their own businesses. And these super women are also full time parents.

Mom+ entrepreneur = Mompreneur, or momtrepreneurs

Investopedia data shows that these women are likely to run a business out of the home than out of a commercial building. Balancing requirements of running a business while managing children is not easy.

Owning and running a pre-school helps them strike the right balance.

It would be great to work with kids and also do something that provides emotional satisfaction with profitable returns.

Pre-schools offer momprenuers with the perfect set-up to run either big or small scale operations in different spaces.

If you’ve been considering an entrepreneurial venture, then here’s who pre-schools could be just right you. It provides you with:

  • Freedom to choose your working hours
  • Your business grows as much as you like
  • You spend more time with your kids
  • Costs are manageable
  • A rewarding and empowering career

See this happy kids video

Here are 12 easy steps to guide you through the process:

1. Make a decision to sign up the franchise

Do your research! Which franchise do you want to sign up for? Have you done your homework right and know everything — especially business model, fine print details, etc.

2. Get the location approved

Find and get the location approved. It’s imperative that you pick a location as per your convenience and also feasibility of a pre-school.

Is it close to home? Does it include long commute? Is it child-friendly neighbourhood?

3. Sign the agreement and become the Strategic Collaborator

The next step is signing the agreement. Before you sign it — double check facts, technical details, etc. — if required find a lawyer to explain the technical terms.

Post signing the agreement you become the strategic collaborator. You should compare and evaluate partners, vendors and customers to build synergy for helping your business grow.

4. Identify and visualise your dream location

Next comes the option of enhancing and optimising your preferred location. What are your dreams and aspirations from it?

Do you just see this as a pre-school or seek multiple revenue streams from it. For instance, does it double as a day-care/ activity center?

5. Construction and interior work gets started

Most pre-schools have basic guidelines for their interiors. However, it’s here that you use your creativity and imagination to get these interiors running.

Being a mom, you know what’s best for kids! Think from their perceptive — set up a funland where education is beyond conventional learning modes.

6. Set up technology

Technology gets wired. Wi-fi to projectors — too many things need to be listed. Modernise your educational system with AI, operational software etc.

7. Recruit your teachers and your team

Assistance for teacher and staff recruitment is provided by the franchisors. Use your intuition to make the final call. After all it’s your business dream.

8. Attend training programs

Stay at the forefront of what’s happening in the educational market. Be it software or skill training, you need to put your A-game in.

9. Start admissions

Your first admission — just a new beginning. Follow admission protocol and use software to ensure easier operations.

10. Start accessing multiple revenue streams

Why settle for less when you can earn more? Find out about what can work best in your locality — and as per your time convenience.

You can also think of something that your kids can be part of!

11. Follow the system

Confusions are likely — however try to stick to the system to maximise benefits. Adhering to norms also minimises risks in terms of breaking the contract.

12. You are an entrepreneur!

Enjoy the lifestyle of an entrepreneur and say hello to prosperity. Work on your cognitions and climb up the entrepreneurial ladder!

Curious Kids gives you the perfect roadmap to drive your business vision and become a mompreneur.

Watch this video to know more.

Connect with us at to get in touch with a representative.


Top 3 Things Needed To Make Your Preschool The Best In Town And Where?

If you are thinking of investing in a pre-school franchise, now is the right time. Of course, you’d want your pre-school to be the best in town.

But how do you go about and is your hometown the right location?

Here are the five things you need:

1. Location, location & location

When based in major cities, getting a prime location is not easy. They will not be able to give you a prime locality in your city.

Either they already have an existing preschool franchise in that location.

The location advantage will give a lot of opportunities since the density of population is very high.

As a new brand, Curious Kids can give you that distinct advantage this year. Anywhere in India.

With us, you get the luxury of choosing your own location for a limited period.

Hurry up and block the area of your choice in the city you want. We give you a 3-km radius where you will have the operational freedom.

2. Massive advertising

Most pre-schools brands have allocated an advertising budget. However, they tend to hide this spend from you.

Without marketing and advertising, your admission inflow will be very slow.

95% of businesses fail because they do not have aggressive marketing budgets

So you need to pick on a brand that offers the massive advantage of advertising and marketing!

And that’s what we offer!

Go through our flip brochure to know more

3. Teachers and the team

The basis of any educational institution are its teachers. They lay the foundation of learning.

The right teachers and staff will help create a viable environment to nurture kids and foster their development.

Curious Kids likes to do things the fun way. Our brand ambassadors are

  1. RamRo the elephant
  2. ApPro the dolphin
  3. SanRo the lion
  4. AdRo the bear

These four animal teachers are proprietary mascots and animal teachers. Something that parents and kids both enjoy.

The scenario in smaller towns

And why just smaller cities — demand for pre-schools is also on rise in the remote towns!

Across the country parents seek quality education for their children. And the tier II & tier III cities have joined this race. So along with major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, etc. there’s more scope.

So, if you are from a smaller town — your earning prospects are at par with the metro cities.

#1 Growth in the smaller towns i — much higher than bigger cities

#2 Increased competition has also made franchises shift focus to smaller towns

#3 Cost of land or rentals are more affordable in smaller cities

Earlier parents in smaller towns preferred keeping kids at home till the age of 5 years. However, quality of education, ability to make informed decisions and lifestyle factors changed this.

As per Times of India, parents in towns like Baramati, Indapur, Osmanabad, Jalgaon, Miraj, Sangli and Nanded seek early child education.

Take the example of Selu.

View the entire video

Sailu or Selu is a city and a municipal council in Parbhani district of Maharashtra. A remote, quaint town — where you probably assume that the pre-school concept is unheard of.

Entrepreneur Dr. Rodge. was passionate about redefining the preschool business. The renowned gynaecologist loves kids.

He approached Curious Kids Finland, Helsinki to open a Finland based preschool here.

The challenge of coming up with a pre-school in a remote Indian town was not easy. But SanRo decided to go ahead and a 5000 square feet preschool here.

The gauntlet was to use Finland’s play-based and theme-based education. The school opened its doors to children in 2017.

In 2019, SanRo proved to CK Finland that even the remote towns of India were ready for their system.

These kids would grow up to be independent thinkers and were ready for a VUCA world. And Sanro Educare became the national partners for Curious Kids

If the kids in this town can make it happen — imagine the magic of pre-school franchises across the country.

And a small II or III tier city or even a remote town might give you that added advantage.

How your pre-school will become the best:

A Curious Kids franchise gives you the benefits of:

  • Play and activity-based learning
  • The option of becoming an early bird in virtually any city of your choice
  • Finland based International curriculum
  • Extensive teachers training
  • Multi crore advertising and marketing budgets for houseful admissions and faster break-even.
  • Higher royalty to deliver success for your school
  • Unconditional minimum guarantee
  • Healthy IRR (internal rate of returns)
  • Multiple revenue streams
  • And much more…

Now you know how… The question remains where?

As mentioned earlier, the prospect of a successful pre-school franchise with CK Finland is possible almost anywhere in India. You can connect with our representative at +91 63 66 44 8607 or mail us on to know more.


12 Reasons Quit Your BPO/night Shift Job And Start Your Own Preschool

Working in a BPO or doing night shift? Your biological clock must be tormenting you! Not to mention you miss hanging out with your family/friends.

A night shift/BPO attracts many due to higher pay-scale. Yet, your body and mind are screaming a big NO!

As per WebMD , risks of night shift include:

  1. Risks of cardiovascular diseases
  2. Obesity
  3. Diabetes
  4. Stomach issues like ulcers
  5. Depression
  6. Disrupts circadian rhythm

Not being with your family does hit you hard. You miss family dinners, hanging out with friends — And the worst — if you are a mom, you miss your kids!

As a result of all this, you are now dreading work, but cannot quit due to financial obligations. What if there was a way you could be your own boss and work flexible hours?

According to The Statesman , women entrepreneurs are making successful inroads into early childcare learning business in India.

Statistics run by Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) in 2016 reveal that almost 126 million women are operating their own businesses.

98 million have been operating established businesses. A whopping 224 million women impacting the global economy — which you can be a part of.

Quitting your BPO/night shift job

Have you tried making a list of pros and cons for this? Let’s do this now:


  • Good pay-scale
  • Perks and benefits
  • And that’s where the list stops. Not much to add here.


  • Night shifts
  • Being away from family friends
  • Loss of sleep
  • Health risks
  • Safety risks (night commute)
  • And so much more

Now, before you put in your papers, here’s what you should ask yourself:

Are you ready to act?

You have done years of planning and thought about this a million of times. Now is the time to get started.

You can get another job

Not that you would need it! You have the talent and the skills. There will be plenty more on the plate for you.

You feel you are built for success

With the right pre-school franchise, you are all set to get success and respect

Be ready to be your own boss

You will report to yourself and be the decision-maker. The freedom to work your way!

What pre-school franchises offer?

Don’t get into a panic mode because a pre-school franchise is just right for you.

Whether you are a mom or about to get married or even looking for a career with some flexibility.
Pre-school franchises give you the best of both worlds.

Watch this video to know more.

And this is where Curious Kids comes in. They provide you with 12 reasons to quit your job with:

1. Easy set-up

They will provide required assistance during the set-up. So you are not alone. The franchisors will be with you through every step of the process.

2. Smooth operations

There is no compulsory or mandatory educational background required. A passion for kids and bent towards educational reform works.

3. Minimum Government Regulations

The process of getting a license from the government/municipality is relatively simple.

4. Work-life balance

Convenient work timings from 9 am to 2 pm/ 9 am to 5 pm give you the flexibility to be with your loved ones.

5. Choose your location

You can choose a location that’s near your home. So, no long distance commute or hassles of wasting time in the traffic snarl.

6. Holidays and vacations

All holidays and vacations are based on children’s’ school holidays. For once, your off days would be in sync with your child’s.

7. Positive work environment

Working with children helps create a positive environment which is definitely fun-filled.

8. Stress-free work

You get to chose your working hours and enjoy working a stress-free ambience with kids.

9. Respect from the community

Success is guaranteed. But being in the education market helps you get respect too.

10. Option to involve family members

With a pre-school business franchise like Curious Kids, you can also involve different family embers or friends.

11. High degree of satisfaction

You are providing a foundation to so many children’s lives. What’s better than imparting knowledge.

12. Happiness

Work satisfaction is fulfilling. It makes you happy that you are transforming lives of so many employees and kids.

Curious Kids gives flexibility with guaranteed returns on your investments. And if you haven’t its time to pick up that phone and call us or +91 63 66 44 8607 or email at


10 Amazing Things Artificial Intelligence Can Do For
Your Pre-school


A critical aspect of owning a pre-school in this digitally advanced era is integrating Artificial Intelligence or AI into the system.

Artificial intelligence in its simplest forms is all about building smart machines.

AI is a branch of computer science that aims to replicate or simulate human intelligence in machines.

And so you can imagine that a technology like this can simplify working. It is a boon for a pre-school platform and makes everything from operations to management simpler.

Though it AI was discovered around 1943, it’s only by 2000 that major breakthroughs were made. Think smart assistants like Alexa.

Why pre-schools?

According to Forbes , AI has multiple benefits in the classroom. Here are the top ways in which you can use AI for your pre-school franchise:

1. Drive efficiency

Artificial intelligence helps drive efficiency at so many different levels. You can use it in operation management software, dashboard and a variety of other processes to streamline tasks.

2. Personalization

Kids today are smart and tech-savvy. They enjoy an interactive classroom ambience.

Alongside, AI also helps personalizing your pre-school needs — per se your environment and requirements.

3. Educating children

In 2017, Scientific American explained how researchers were using AI to discover the mechanisms of childhood learning. It helped keeping children engaged children via embedded social interactions.

Parents today seek eduction beyond conventional norms. And AI helps provide just that.

4. Streamlining procedures

Files everywhere and the struggle of finding the right folders. AI simplifies and streamlines this entire process. It gives one the adaptability to integrate different software into a uniform structure.

Easy to use — less of hassles and errors.

5. Supervising performance

Each child’s performance can be monitored and stored via to create specific reports.

This helps un-complicate the process of evaluating performance as per the child’s individual learning capacity.

Teachers can customize the training materials for each student based on their ability.

6. Better management

According to Forbes 2024 upwards of 47% of learning management tools will be enabled by AI capabilities. Augmented intelligence assistance helps get a wide range of materials leveraging the same core curriculum.

7. Understand and adapt machine capabilities

For the teachers, it also implies the benefit of adapting and understanding AI procedures. This helps to leverage the benefits of both human intelligence combined with machine expertise.

For your franchisee it means maximizing the benefits of both.

8. Fun+education

Engaging children in fun activities that enhance learning makes education more perceptive and flexible.

Attention span of younger children is very limited. AI gives the opportunity to maximize on this limited time.

As a result, they absorb and learn more.

See what parents are telling about Curious Kids

9. Planning the curriculum

With AI, curriculum planning is a breeze. Curriculum can be segregated as per your class requirements.

It also helps with non-teaching or non-curriculum responsibilities such as filing necessary paperwork, booking and managing field trips etc.

10. Advanced admissions management

Now, the last but definitely not the least important aspect is AAM or Advanced admissions management.

You will have software available easily for operations — so your daily tasks are sorted and well-managed.

It’s here that Curious Kids — an international pre-school gives you an upper edge. It has AI that looks beyond conventional norms

Our AI is built to handle sales, admissions management, project management, intuitive handshake with your accounting systems.

We know that new admissions management are important!

Curious Kids AI sources can be tracked. You will be alerted on Hot, Warm and Cold leads.

What this means for you — accurate, analytics-driven scientific marketing systems!

You benefit with a powerful email marketing, SMS and WhatsApp marketing suite.

  • Alerts or fee reminders!
  • Teachers note management
  • Student Enquiry CRM
  • Student Admission Management
  • Inventor Management
  • Accounting Software
  • SMS Dashboards

With our AI, you can redefine education and business too. If you’d like to make your pre-school future-friendly, then connect with us at Curious Kids


7 Guaranteed Ways To Increase Your Preschool Admissions

Whether it’s a new venture or an existing Pre-School or Play School or Kindergarten, increasing admission is always on top of your agenda.

Increased admission means higher returns for your business. It also is a moral boost.

Having a packed class reinstates that you are doing something right. And that’s why parents are sending their kids to your pre-school.

At the end of the day, you all franchisees want to enhance productivity statistics, make the most of resources and set up a profitable business.

Take a look at how you can increase pre-school admissions, with these guaranteed tips:

1. Offer value exceptional service

The customer is always right. And in this case, you really need to ensure that your existing  customers are happy.

Customer care will give you an added advantage of word of mouth. Mom’s connect with on what’s app, calls, social meets, etc.

What can be a better marketing gimmick than this. Exception service is always a crowd puller.

2. Broaden your horizons

Don’t restrict yourself to conventional learning modes. The play school or pre-school format today is constantly evolving.

There’s new software, voice assistants, integrated learning, etc. so much that you can incorporate into your syllabus.

Keep your options open and let creativity flow. Merging conventional and fun learning is a combination driven for success.

3. Incentivize your staff

While a pre-school has its own reputation and brand, the teachers are the pillars of your institution.

Often, a particular teacher might be adored by kids and parents. Incentivize them with perks and benefits.

Retain older teachers and focus on upgrading their skills while being open to hiring new talent too.

4. Engage parents in the journey

Parents love being involved in their little one’s activities. They are eager to know what they do at pre-school.

Organize “watch your child at school” or show them videos of how the learning happens. Invite parents to actively participate in the school activities once in a while.

5. Encourage new was of learning

Something unique and new is always a pull for parents.

Being more aware and updated with global technology, parents seek newer methods of learning.

They want learning to be simplified and yet engaging. You can integrate new learning tools in your curriculum.

The innovative factor gives a push to admissions.

6. Bring in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

It’s said that technology is the food for brain. Something as simple as creating a simulated experience of a train or a forest.

Augmented reality brings digital elements to a live view using a smartphone, camera, etc. Virtual reality is all about complete immersion experience that barricades the physical world.

Such experiences help in retention of information. While a book may help simulate 70% understanding, AV and VR (augmented reality and virtual reality) helps with 100% retention.

7. Referral sales

Preschool admissions depend largely on referral sales.

However, many schools and franchisors lack the potential or have a system for generating referrals week on week.

CK Finland has tied up with one of the best referral coaches. Mahua Gorthi

Gorthi loves to help businesses identify and overcome their pain points and move towards profitability. She calls herself a “Business Consultant” with remarkable experience in Sales, Marketing, Human resource, Training , Mentoring and Coaching.

Her missions is to benefit small and medium businesses extrapolating her 21 years experience.

What makes her different is that there work does not stop at planning.

Gorthi likes to go that extra mile to implement the plan !!!

She conducts detailed workshop for preschool owners. By getting referral partners in your locality your business can grow faster.

Curious Kids also has a massive advertising and marketing budget. We spend on the marketing so that you can reap the benefits of it.

If this has got you ‘curious’ about available options, also go through what parents are telling about us.


10 Location Factors To Check For Your Pre-School’s Success


The most important factor or aspect that affects the success of your pre-school is location, location and location.

As an entrepreneur, you are looking for location where the school is filled with kids and bustling with joy and laughter.

In the rush of arranging for a pre-school franchise, curriculum and recruitment — don’t forget the location aspect.

Yes, the location aspect is fundamental in determining the success of your kindergarten or pre-school.

There are numerous aspects that should help you judge and finalize the right location.

1. Demographics

Parents look for a pre-school or play schools near them. The mere convince aspect is there.

Residential location: A residential locality with plenty of kids around. Do ensure that the demographics constitute of younger couples, with young kids.

Commercial location: A creche or day-care pre-school format with working parents. So the parents drop their kids off to school and pick them up post their shift.

2. Is there parking?

Parking is a big hassle with shrinking spaces in the city. Parents want the convenience of parking.

Imaging a traffic cop arguing with a mom on self-drive. Or worse the risks of kids getting hurt in the rush of getting down from the car.

Having parking works as a double bonus for your location. Having a parking or at least a drop-off area would give you a competitive advantage.

3. Open area

Ideally, a ground floor location is preferred. This gives access to a garden or play area.

Many city schools are adapting the flat format. But parents love the openness of a garden.
So if you can rent a bungalow or ground-floor space, that would be huge plus.

7 Guaranteed Ways to Increase your Preschool Admissions

4. Proximity to marketplaces/ commercial areas

Many parents wait for an hour or two during the early settling period of their kids. So they hang out at malls or coffee places.

With a place to hang out nearby is another big check for the parents.

5. Competition

Are there other pre-schools nearby? If yes how do they compare to your model. An average pre-school next to a WOW one is destined to fail.

6. Access to staff

Not just teachers you will need helpers, cleaning staff, etc.

Do check if a train, metro or bus station is nearby so that they can travel with ease.

7. Economic policy

Some areas have fixed norms as per the government’s policy. Taxes applicable and rules and regulations should be evaluated.

8. The mindset

What kind of a locality are you targeting? Is it a modern location with parents who can afford fees?

A location that is known for violent behavior or prone to dangerous activities should not be considered.

9. Size

Do work out the rental vs size ratio. You have to do the math if the rental would be feasible.

Plus, how many admissions are you expecting?

10. Infrastructure and utilities

Last but not the least, the infrastructure should support modern equipment like air conditioner, generator, etc.

Also, double check the utility bills for added cost like maintenance in that particular location.

With Curious Kids you get an added location advantage that most big national brands will not be able to give you.

A prime locality in your city — means super-success for your business.

Older franchisees already have an existing preschool franchise in prime locations. With our new brand, we can give you that distinct advantage this year.

And this applies to anywhere in India.

Here’s how we gained success with our first venture.

In major cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad, prime localities are gone to older franchises. However, they are lucrative locations because the density of population is very high.

We give the luxury of choosing your own location for a limited period.

Even the suburbs of Kondapur /Gachibowli of Hyderabad— which are really really great areas — are taken by most of the established brands of preschools.

With us you have the opportunity to open in such places because we have a clean sheet.

At Curious Kids, you can sign up faster and can open up the preschool for the admission season ahead.

Our aggressive marketing budget gives you the benefit of scoring over other preschool brands in your locality.