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Children Thrive In A Play Based Environment

A few years ago, a kid’s inquisitive journey began when he was 4 when his father gifted him a compass.

He was intrigued and amazed by how the needle always pointed to the North. What began as a mere play gave this world Albert Einstein. That’s the power of play-based education.

Every child is born with a natural ability to acquire skills through play.

Play enriches the mind and body of a child that helps him develop intellectual, emotional, and social competencies.

Children are playful, active, and curiosity-driven play-based education harnesses just these to bring the best out of them.

It focuses on inculcating meaningful playtime that lets children choose what they do, how they do, and the period they would want to continue doing it.

This helps them evolve spontaneously instead of following a patterned approach. Most importantly, learning is made fun and enjoyable that has a lasting impact.

Curious Kids Finland helps children to thrive in the world that is VUCA – Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous.

We live in an era where taking risks and embracing explorative and out-of-the-box thinking has become the core of survival. And the best way to channelize these qualities is by letting kids be inquisitive while having fun.

Making mistakes isn’t considered a drawback at Curious Kids since we believe that making mistakes at the early stages helps children try alternative ways to do a specific task – the process of ideation. This also encourages observation and innovation.

Studies show that 90% of brain development in children happens before age 5.

This is when the most dynamic and elaborative anatomical and physiological changes happen in the brain.

Molding these changes to handle complex tasks more smartly, while ensuring that the children enjoy the process is CK’s way of education.