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CK Finland Play-based Education

Finland has been known for years for its exceptional education system, especially the early-childhood education.

Until 6 years of age, there are no assessments or any books and pens involved, because it is all about making learning fun.

This system is built on the philosophy that anything that’s learnt without joy in the early years of life is forgotten easily.

Statistics reveal that the children who are part of this education system are competent enough to tackle real-world problems with more precision and logic in later stages of life. This is fairly attributed to the way problems are dealt with, how tasks like counting, sorting, or social skills are taught.

Curious Kids in Finland has always set the bars high through its excellent curriculum of play-based learning. Be it their Individual Learning Plans or setting different benchmarks for each child, Curious Kids Finland thoroughly succeeded in the principle that every child develops differently.

Dr. Sanjay Rodge, a renowned gynecologist, with a passion for education and smitten by the Finnish education system approached CK Finland. Bringing back home the learnings, Dr. Sanjay set out on a challenge to mold the lives of kids in a remote village called Selu in Maharashtra.

The experiment was to implement the Curious Kids education methodology on the children in that remote town called Selu, in a widespread 5000 sq ft pre-school. The experiment began in 2017 and ended in 2019 – results of which were lauded by CK Finland.

All the children who were a part of this program showed excellent skills and abilities to face the complex and ever-changing world. CK Finland then awarded Dr. Sanjay with the master franchisee for India.

Watch the Selu experiment

With bigger dreams and a better way of education, Dr. Sanjay Rodge’s dream is taking further shape by spreading the network of CK Finland across the country, making little lives shine brighter.