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Comparative Chart Between Local And International PreSchools


The market is flooded with pre-school franchises of local, national and international levels. If you were thinking of taking up a franchise then what will make yours stand out or get an added edge?

Difference between Local & National brands & Curious Kids
(this table will be a clear indication of the huge support that curious kids will deliver to you)
S.No Description Local schools National schools Curious kids
01 Offline teacher training
02 Teacher recruitment
03 Other staffing recruitment
04 Full marketing kit for schools
05 EYFS curriculum
06 Activities mapping
07 Academic hub
08 Help in location identification
09 Help in interiors
10 Local marketing support
11 Practical business plan
12 Business strategy enablment
13 Bulk prace advantage
14 SMS dashboards
15 Business whatsapp dashboards
16 Comprehensive counselor training
17 School owner training
18 Remote location experiment
19 Hand holding right from start to the next 5 years
20 Big sales and marketing budgets
21 100% long time support
22 Marketing budgets for preschools
23 Advertising on TV
24 Digital support
25 Breakup of curriculum in hours
26 International curriculum
27 200 parameter child development progress
28 Brand mascots being available
29 Curriculum upgrades
30 No homework no stress
31 Al based AAM technology
32 School marketing software
33 Accounting software
34 Fee management software
35 Project management software
36 Recruitment software
37 Teacher notes management
38 Referral sales coaching
39 School in any location and in any city
40 Global school with affordable fees
41 Long term partnerships with us
42 Marketing and sales enablement
43 World class security
44 Super hygiene and cleanliness
45 Minimum guarantee
46 Break even in 4 months
47 Get investments back in 18 to 24 months

Curious Kids offers value not only in terms of financial returns — but also provides you with a massive advertising, offline teacher training, curriculum upgrades and so much more.

We check all the right boxes here! If this has piqued your interest take a look at video below and how you can be a part of this ambitious goal.

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