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Finland Preschool Brand That Spells Success

With the budding pre-school sector in India, franchising is a great opportunity.

However, be wary when picking the right one.

Many of these pre-schools FAIL!

Research shows that 95% of businesses fail because they do not have aggressive marketing budgets. Their cash flows suffer.

And they take longer to achieve breakeven.

Poor management, lack of research, etc are other reasons for the same.

Curious Kids is an international pre-school based on Finland’s education system is different!

What makes Curious Kids stand out?

For starters, we follow the education system in Finland. It is regarded as the best globally.

According to NCEE, Finland has very high standards in early education. We follow a stress-free pre-school structure.

We also lay emphasis on Early childhood education and care (ECEC). We feel the “educare” model, which contributes to the child’s holistic growth as per the Finnish National Agency for Education,

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Some of the key metrics that drive our success are:

Business Strategy Enablement

We will do a complete mapping of your markets, create feasibility and demand study!

We also ensure that you get regular updates. This includes strategic and tactical interventions to help your in running the preschools smoothly.

However, most other pre-schools don’t provide 360 degree support!

They just want to take the easy way out!

Marketing and sales enablement

With us, all marketing and promotional material would be provided by the company.

We will manage the pre-launch strategy for the successful launch of the brand.

We also provide you with corporate tie-ups and ground-level brand activation tie-ups for the sales teams.

95% of businesses fail because they do not have aggressive marketing budgets. Their cash flows suffer

And they take longer to achieve breakeven.

Academic training and enablement

Curious Kids provides international standard curriculum and training manuals. With us you will also get

  • Regular training programs on subjects
  • Special training to counselors

See what parents are telling about us.

Interior and structural enablement

Our growing panel of interior designers and turnkey contractors to help you set up the preschools.

You will also benefit with:

  • Site visit and layout plan
  • Interiors and architectural support will be provided
  • Manuals to ensure standardization of walls, ceiling, furniture, floor, washrooms
  • Elevation and theme selection

Academics and recruitment enablement

With us you also benefit with:

  • Academic mentoring
  • Monthly syllabus
  • Daily lesson plan
  • Newsletters and portfolio with learning outcome
  • Assistance in recruitment’s

So you can be assured of getting only the best.

Technology enablement

IT support mobile applications support are easily available with us.

You will also get regular online technology training for your teams!

If you are looking for a pre-school franchise that’s proven for success, visit