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Curious Kids is different from a regular pre-school franchise. Our international pre-school chain aims to integrate the Finland education system — with a focus on Fun Learning!

The Curious Kids Advantage

  1. Capitalize on a proven system
  2. Lower purchase prices with one-stop solutions
  3. Ease of Recruitment
  4. No background or experience required in the field
  5. Preferred by customers over “local brands”
  6. Be your own Boss
  7. Get fantastic Admissions
  8. Get Multiple Revenue Streams
  9. Bulk purchasing of pre-school necessities
  10. Handholding right from the start to forever — A franchise that serves as a strategic partnership for lifetime

Additionally, we have an amazing offer for you this month and the first five pre-schools will get a 100% MINIMUM GUARANTEE on the total direct investment ! No other pre-school offers the same !

We use the Finland system of play-based learning with emphasis on activity and theme-based methodologies to generate fresh ideas.

Research shows that Curious Kids prepares children, for a bright tomorrow.75% of the brain development happens after birth and 90% of this before the age of 5.

We ensure that your child is able to adapt to critical thinking, creative focus, logical reasoning and analytical thinking skills.

Yes, we are redefining education — and the Finland education system is a proof of the same.

Success story

Take a look at how our first pre-school succeeded in the remote town of Selu.

Dr. Sanjay Rodge — an entrepreneur cum gynaecologist — passionate about redefining the preschool business took up the challenge of opening a remote school in Sailu, Maharashtra.

He started the school in 2017 and by 2019 could prove to CK Finland that in a remote town in India the kids could grow to be independent thinkers and are ready for a VUCA world. VUCA stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity & Ambiguity.

Seeing the immense success, CK Finland awarded the Master Franchise for India to Sanro Educare.

See what parents are telling about Curious Kids.

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