Infrastructure - curious kids

The infrastructure of Curious Kids play schools
has been specially designed to suit the
requirements of young, preschool children.

The Finland-inspired curriculum we follow also lays
emphasis on fun learning which is evident in our

The preschools have been designed and decorated
to pique the interest and inquisitiveness of the
young minds. We aim to promote learning by
encouraging the children to explore.

The school is filled up with bright colors and
cheerful interiors and playschool buildings are
hygienic and clean.

The interiors of our schools are also done up in
vibrant hues to catch the attention of the
children and create the perfect atmosphere
to help them learn new skills.

We don’t believe in having formal classrooms but
rather focus on creating rooms that make the
child feel safe, at ease and most importantly —
keeps them actively engaged.

Some of the bigger schools also have an outdoor
play area along with activities that the kids can
indulge in. We don’t believe in restricting the
children to just indoors.

Our infrastructure has been created in a way to
help children learn to co-exist and share. Curious
Kids preschools give utmost importance to:

  • Good quality air with sunshine available where possible
  • Right lighting conditions
  • A safe and secure environment
  • Sound acoustics
  • A blend of play-based and transitional spaces
  • Sensory stimulation using colors, craft, etc.
  • Nice interiors
  • Technologically advanced features

Lots of toys

If play is the work of the child, toys are the tools.
Through toys, children learn about their world,
themselves, and others. Toys teach children to:

  • Figure out how things work
  • Pick up new ideas
  • Build muscle control and strength
  • Use their imagination
  • Solve problems
  • Learn to cooperate with others

All of this and a lot more awaits your child a
Curious Kids. With the right infrastructure, we
hope to influence the development of fine and
gross motor skills, language, socialization,
personal awareness, emotional well-being,
creativity, problem-solving and learning