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Interactive Environment

At Curious Kids, we provide immense emphasis on providing an interactive environment for kids to learn. This is inspired by the fact that kids learn extensively from their surroundings.

Providing them with the one that offers opportunities to learn can have a positive impact.

While passive learning relies more on listening to teachers’ lectures and memorizing, an interactive environment is a two-way process.

Here, the children are invited to participate in the learning process through conversation, role-play, and group activities.

Various studies have been conducted on the importance of an interactive environment for learning and the outcome is commendable.

One of the major positive impacts of making learning interactive is the development of motor control.

Age 3–6 is the time when children are still developing their motor skills and mastering one skill at a time.

The activities offer an opportunity to develop fine and gross motor skills.

This method of education also ensures thorough concept development with strong fundamentals.

And, when the fundamentals are strong, learning further complexities gets easier.

The interactive environment creates a highly stimulating environment that fosters critical thinking. This also helps children explore the open-ended question with logic and reasoning, which forms the basis for analytical problem-solving.

Most importantly, it ensures they learn to work harmoniously in groups, an important trait for being successful.

It is also easier to identify mistakes and correct them in an interactive environment.

Since the teachers are constantly involved to either guide or watch over at every step, rectifying the mistakes at a particular step lets children explore further.

As against passive learning where any errors are only identified during the assessments and tests, this technique is highly instantaneous.