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Invest In A Pre-school That Gives Guaranteed Returns


India is a growing market and the preschool franchise business is booming. And yet, the returns on investment during the early years is quite poor.

Did you know why the big brands lead the market while 95% of businesses fail.

Why? They do not have aggressive marketing budgets. And they fail to yield results for the franchisees in the first crucial year!

Why minimum guarantee is important?

#1 Minimum guarantee assures you of a decent return for your investments.

Look at business franchise models of mega brands like McDonalds or even Pizza hut, the main takeaway is guaranteed returns.

#2 You are probably investing your life’s saving or depend largely on this income. So, you would would want a certain guaranteed income in the first couple of years!

#3 You have expenses to take care of. Not breaking even on the financial front is a shattering thought.

Most franchise models usually state a waiting period of 3-5 years to get your investment back.

Why so? They lack confidence in their marketing and adverting plans, they should be offering a certain guarantee — but they don’t!

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Why you should look for minimum guarantee

Why you should look for minimum guarantee?

At the end of the day, you are looking for regular and timely returns in any business model.

Pre-school franchisers often don’t offer this minimum guarantee to their franchisees.

Here are reasons to look for minimal guarantee:

  • As a franchisee it will assure you of a proper financial backup in case of shortcomings or downfalls
  • You can expect certain earnings in the first year of the franchise
  • It also help establish a stronger and trustworthy relationship with the franchisers

What to be wary of

What to be wary of:

Some pre-school franchisers can assure of ambiguous guarantees. Forbes warns investors of such frauds.

Here’s what you should ask them:

  • Are they guaranteeing just work or money?
  • Do check the guarantee amount in the contract?
  • Are there any circumstances as per which will you get that amount?
  • When can you expect the guaranteed amount payable?
  • Is that amount only for a fixed period?

The pre-school market scenario

As per the Indian Brand Equity Foundation, the Indian education market was worth about US$ 100 billion between 2015-2016.

It reached about US$ 116.4 billion in FY 2016-17.

And you know what? Pre-schools comprise about 1.6% of this market. The number will just increase as parents understand the importance of early education.

In December 2017, UK-based research firm TECH NAVIO released a market-research report. The report says:

#1 Preschool sector in India is likely to achieve a CAGR or (Compound annual growth rate) of approximately 32% in the next 3 to 4 years.

#2 Pre-schools even in Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities will grow

So what’s in for you?

The perfect opportunity to invest sensibly.

View this video on SanRo’s vision.

But the risks of not getting guaranteed returns are probably stopping you? And that’s where Curious Kids comes in.

about Curious Kids

About Curious Kids

It’s one of the only pre-schools in India to give a minimum guarantee on your investments.

With an aggressive marketing and advertising budget, you can breathe a sigh of relief…

Because there’s an allocated marketing budget specifically for your preschool too with Curious Kids!

How this format works?

Curious Kids gives you the peace of mind to make the right investments and leverage this booming market.

We give you a minimum guarantee because they have massive sales and marketing budgets that enable you to succeed — and that too in the very first year of operations.

We understand how critical this first year is — not only in terms of financial growth but also for your confidence and success.

Yes, we have a larger format of 3000+ square feet of space. But that’s what also leads in higher, guaranteed returns.

The Curious Kids preschool franchise can work from 7 am in the morning till 9 pm in the evening and beyond.

What’s more? Along with the traditional pre-school income, you will also get multiple revenue streams to reach profitability faster.

You can go beyond conventional teaching methods enhances the scope of growth. These include:

  • Games and fun for kids — with a chance to deliver more than just a day pre-school.
  • This format allows you to host summer/winter camps, Birthday’s, Day Care. Activity Centre, Hobby Centre and so much more!

With guarantee/assurance of minimum returns and your entrepreneurial mindset, nothing can stop you. What are you waiting for? Connect now to grab some special offers on the franchise. You can reach us at

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