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Our brand ambassadors

Our Brand Ambassadors

Every brand is defined in a significant way through its ambassadors. Curious Kids has four animal teachers who are the proprietary mascots.

Exhibiting the best version of themselves, these four animal teachers would be available for all the events, for every city.

Based on the requirements, the franchisees can book these mascots which would be their face of Curious Kids. Here are the four mascots.

RamRo – The wisest elephant with an impeccable memory. Elephants are often known for being in herds where the eldest member of the family is in charge guiding them towards food, water, and safe places. This elephant has an unmatchable memory since they have an ability to recall where the food and water are best available and the safest place to seek protection when attacked.

SanRoThe Lion with excellent leadership qualities Known for their courage and strength, Lions are the animals exhibiting excellent leadership qualities. They work in a group following the strategy their leader lays down. Together, they are called ‘pride’ and rightfully, the ‘kind of the jungle.’

AdRo – The friendly bear who is a source of inspiration Bears are highly evolved social animals with a great sense of empathy, affection, and attention to detail. They are gentle and tolerant animals with amazing social skills as well. A definite source of inspiration to everyone around.

ApRo – The dolphin with outstanding intelligence and language skills Dolphins are known for their high level of intelligence. They enjoy solving complex problems and have a larger memory capacity. They communicate using echolocation and each dolphin has a unique way of interacting with fellow dolphins.