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Our Journey

Dr. Sanjay Rodge is an entrepreneur who’s passionate about redefining the preschool business. The renowned gynecologist who loves kids.

He approached CK Finland, Helsinki to open a preschool that was inspired by the country’s unique educational curriculum.

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He took up the challenge to build a 5000 square feet preschool in Selu, a remote town in Maharashtra. The gauntlet was to use Finland’s play-based and theme-based education.

He started the school in 2017 and by 2019 could prove to CK Finland that in a remote town in India the kids could grow to be independent thinkers and are ready for a VUCA world.

His efforts paid off and Curious Kids awarded his company Sanro Educare the master franchise for India.

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Parents in the remote town were also very happy with the development and improvement they could see in their toddlers.

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And Selu was only the first step to cover the journey of a thousand miles. Or in this case, our ambition to open 1000+ preschools in India.