Students assessed on 200 point learning parameters - curious kids

Students Assessed On 200 Point Learning Parameters

Curious Kids believes in a NO HOMEWORK and NO STRESS environment.

  • Our teachers do hourly mapping of the entire curriculum into themes and activities make teaching very easy.
  • Active Parent Orientation for better results.
  • We follow the EYFS – Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum blended beautifully with Montessori and a host of other systems by picking the best and blending into a fine structure.
  • Finland delivers happiness and achievements by creating a zero-stress, no homework methodologies which have a high success rate.
  • Unstructured learning leading to structured results.

As per OECD student assessment is essential to measure the progress and performance of individual students, plan further steps for the improvement of teaching and learning, and share information with relevant stakeholders.

NCBI states, children’s intuitive understanding of causal inference has long been recognised as a fundamental component of conceptual development.

At Curious Kids, we focus on not just few but 200 parameters that helps determine the overall development of your child.

For this, we have set up systems and processes, standardised procedures, curriculum development, implementing, analysing assessment data, develop strategies to advance