The doctor who loves kids - curious kids

The doctor who loves kids

Dr. Sanjay Rodge is a gynecologist and entrepreneur who enjoys spending time with kids. CK Finland awarded the Master Franchise for India to Sanro Educare.

See SanRo’s vision

He approached CK Finland, Helsinki to open a Finland based preschool. He took up the challenge to build a 5000 square feet preschool in Selu, a remote town in Maharashtra. The gauntlet was to use Finland’s play-based and theme-based education.

Dr. Rodge says, “It is my vision to redefine the way education works. CK Finland uses Joy, Happiness, Games and Thorough Experimentation to deliver amazing learning for kids.

It is bringing the Play Education Philosophy to preschool Learning that is the first step towards this long journey. If it was possible in Selu, it can work for any corner of India.”

Dr. Rodge says, “The seeds of Curiosity sown inside me have quickly come to fruition, which has led me to inculcate the question ‘WHY’ in my 21st century kids. The entire purpose of education is not to restrict itself to imparting bookish knowledge or focus on marks but inculcate humanitarian values like Wisdom, Integrity, Reliability, Humility and Courage in a student.”