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Top 10 Advantages Of Taking A Curious Kids Franchise

Are you an entrepreneur who’s looking for investing in a pre-school franchise that yields profitable results in the first year itself?

Curious Kids — An international pre-school chain based on the Finland education system provides you with this lucrative opportunity.

It gives you much more than your average pre-school including minimum return guarantee in the first year itself.

Perks include

  • Get ROI and 100%+ IRR within 1 Year
  • Limited offer to get an EMI on your Area Franchise Fee
  • Priority for Curious Kids Plus preschool setting up school for first few franchisers
  • 360-degree support for super success

Here are the top 10 reasons to become a CK Finland franchiser:

#1 You get to capitalize on a proven system

The CK Finland pre-school system is proven and tried and tested.

If it can work wonders in the remote village of Selu in Maharashtra — imagine what it can do for major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, etc.

Watch the Sailu remote pre-school experiment

#2 Lower purchase prices with one-stop solutions

You get to strike for a healthy work-life balance. Few other business models provide for the same.

You also benefit with easy operations. There is no educational background required

#3 Ease of Recruitment

Support for recruiting teachers, hiring staff, etc. would be provided.

You have to adhere to their guidelines and find the best teachers in the industry.

Considering the super-success of this model, you should have no trouble.

#4 Works for novices too

It does not matter if you have a background in this sector or experience required in the field.

You can be someone who’s already tried their luck with few pre-school franchises — and are not happy with them!

Or you can be someone who’s trying their entrepreneurial luck for the first time.

#5 Preferred by customers over “local brands”

Local brands promise more and deliver less.

On the contrary CK Finland only promises what it can deliver.

From technical support to giving you a higher degree of work satisfaction, we ensure you are happy in the business.

Of course, your financial statements would serve as the proof in the pudding!

Earn High Return on Investments Within A Year

#6 Be your own Boss

Climbing up the corporate ladder can take a toll on your emotional and physical health. Especially with the long working hours!

With us, you get to be your own boss! Pick flexible hours to suit your business vision.

You can increase or decrease them depending on your financial gains.

Once the system is set-up, it works on minimal supervision.

#7 Get fantastic Admissions

Getting good admissions in the first year is so important. Not only in terms of revenue but also as a morale boost.

At CK Finland, we provide complete assistance with:

  • Handling sales, admissions management, project management, etc.
  • You will be alerted on Hot, Warm and Cold leads.

#8 Get Multiple Revenue Streams

Why just pre-school your CK franchisee can generate revenues from multiple streams.

You will have different age groups like toddlers, playgroup, Kindergarten, etc.

Alongside you can also operate a day care & activity centre to maximise your profits.

Then there are special events like Summer/ Winter camps, birthdays, fun fiestas, etc.

Whoa! Now that get’s the money rolling!

#9 Bulk purchasing

The entire bulk purchasing process helps you save on costs. We also provide a healthy royalty share and deliver more business to you.

Advertising spends will be from our marketing budgets. You need not spend a rupee.

#10 Handholding through the process

We believe in sticking together. You will get handholding right from the start to forever, including handling ups and downs.

Be it assistance with interiors or getting advertisements on national television. We are there to guide you and provide assistance.

Now where else can you find such a lucrative business deal?

View our Comparative Chart between Local, National and International PreSchools to see why we should top your list.

Feel free to connect with us at to know more and our CK Finland representative will guide you on the same.