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Top 3 Things Needed To Make Your Preschool The Best In Town And Where?

If you are thinking of investing in a pre-school franchise, now is the right time. Of course, you’d want your pre-school to be the best in town.

But how do you go about and is your hometown the right location?

Here are the five things you need:

1. Location, location & location

When based in major cities, getting a prime location is not easy. They will not be able to give you a prime locality in your city.

Either they already have an existing preschool franchise in that location.

The location advantage will give a lot of opportunities since the density of population is very high.

As a new brand, Curious Kids can give you that distinct advantage this year. Anywhere in India.

With us, you get the luxury of choosing your own location for a limited period.

Hurry up and block the area of your choice in the city you want. We give you a 3-km radius where you will have the operational freedom.

2. Massive advertising

Most pre-schools brands have allocated an advertising budget. However, they tend to hide this spend from you.

Without marketing and advertising, your admission inflow will be very slow.

95% of businesses fail because they do not have aggressive marketing budgets

So you need to pick on a brand that offers the massive advantage of advertising and marketing!

And that’s what we offer!

Go through our flip brochure to know more

3. Teachers and the team

The basis of any educational institution are its teachers. They lay the foundation of learning.

The right teachers and staff will help create a viable environment to nurture kids and foster their development.

Curious Kids likes to do things the fun way. Our brand ambassadors are

  1. RamRo the elephant
  2. ApPro the dolphin
  3. SanRo the lion
  4. AdRo the bear

These four animal teachers are proprietary mascots and animal teachers. Something that parents and kids both enjoy.

The scenario in smaller towns

And why just smaller cities — demand for pre-schools is also on rise in the remote towns!

Across the country parents seek quality education for their children. And the tier II & tier III cities have joined this race. So along with major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, etc. there’s more scope.

So, if you are from a smaller town — your earning prospects are at par with the metro cities.

#1 Growth in the smaller towns i — much higher than bigger cities

#2 Increased competition has also made franchises shift focus to smaller towns

#3 Cost of land or rentals are more affordable in smaller cities

Earlier parents in smaller towns preferred keeping kids at home till the age of 5 years. However, quality of education, ability to make informed decisions and lifestyle factors changed this.

As per Times of India, parents in towns like Baramati, Indapur, Osmanabad, Jalgaon, Miraj, Sangli and Nanded seek early child education.

Take the example of Selu.

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Sailu or Selu is a city and a municipal council in Parbhani district of Maharashtra. A remote, quaint town — where you probably assume that the pre-school concept is unheard of.

Entrepreneur Dr. Rodge. was passionate about redefining the preschool business. The renowned gynaecologist loves kids.

He approached Curious Kids Finland, Helsinki to open a Finland based preschool here.

The challenge of coming up with a pre-school in a remote Indian town was not easy. But SanRo decided to go ahead and a 5000 square feet preschool here.

The gauntlet was to use Finland’s play-based and theme-based education. The school opened its doors to children in 2017.

In 2019, SanRo proved to CK Finland that even the remote towns of India were ready for their system.

These kids would grow up to be independent thinkers and were ready for a VUCA world. And Sanro Educare became the national partners for Curious Kids

If the kids in this town can make it happen — imagine the magic of pre-school franchises across the country.

And a small II or III tier city or even a remote town might give you that added advantage.

How your pre-school will become the best:

A Curious Kids franchise gives you the benefits of:

  • Play and activity-based learning
  • The option of becoming an early bird in virtually any city of your choice
  • Finland based International curriculum
  • Extensive teachers training
  • Multi crore advertising and marketing budgets for houseful admissions and faster break-even.
  • Higher royalty to deliver success for your school
  • Unconditional minimum guarantee
  • Healthy IRR (internal rate of returns)
  • Multiple revenue streams
  • And much more…

Now you know how… The question remains where?

As mentioned earlier, the prospect of a successful pre-school franchise with CK Finland is possible almost anywhere in India. You can connect with our representative at +91 63 66 44 8607 or mail us on to know more.